Should I learn manual or automatic?

The advantage of learning and passing your test in a manual transmission car is that you can drive both manual and automatic cars. If you learn automatic you can only drive automatic cars but you can upgrade your licence at a later date to a manual which would require you to take another test in a manual car.

There is no doubt it is easier to learn automatic over manual, you don’t have a clutch or gears to worry about. I would always suggest trying manual first because the majority of people don’t have a problem learning manual. If manual didn’t work out for you we can always recommend automatic instructors.

By 2030 the UK government are stopping the sales of new petrol and diesel cars which the majority are manual transmission but it will be along time until all cars on UK roads are electric. Electric cars are automatic and quite expensive, so until the prices drop there will still be a great need for used manual cars.

We currently offer manual driving lessons in the Romford and Colchester area but we will definitely be preparing for the future.